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Emma Donaco

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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2005|09:01 pm]
Emma Donaco
[mood |workingscared]

Strange things have been happening to me lately.
Everything I think or do has these strange consequences. I keep getting everything I want and it always seems to end badly and I can't make it stop. And things look different, but I know they are all the same. I can't even look at my brother anymore. And I feel like something watching me, or like someone's putting ideas in my head, or sometimes like I've tuned the radio wrong... and I can hear someone and they can here me, but it’s not connected. The other day the crazy from the newsstand was talking to me in crazytalk so I snuck through St. Leodegarius' to lose him (Marcus told me were the rectory key is hidden) It was really dark but some candles were still lit from the morning services. I laid down in one the pews cause I wasn't in any particular hurry to get home. It was really peaceful and I could still smell the incense and I may have started to nod off, but I swear I saw this thing under the pew looking at me, like a stingray or a trilobite swimming at me through the shadows. I only looked a second before I bailed. It's face was so human...
Yeah so, Olivia says its normal to be completely delusional at my age. So don't order the Thorazine yet.
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Kiss and Ride [Sep. 7th, 2004|05:57 pm]
Emma Donaco
I took the happy bus to Keller to drop off some applications, today. Olivia says its a waste of time and no one's gonna hire cause I'm only fourteen. She got her job at Nico's when she was 15. Marcus had that job renting the golf balls at the driving range a couple summers back, but that was under-the-table. I figured it was worth a try, but Kellerians are all assholes. Most of them wouldn't let me bring my bookbag or my board in the stores and a lot of them threw my applications away right in front of me. Well, fuck Keller. May it rain all over their stupid bicentennial and their ugly statue. I knows its ugly cause I found it behind the Municipal building under a tarp. I put my left over Big Mac in its hand. Too bad it won't still be there for the unveiling, that or something more interesting...
I felt alot better when I got off the bus in Dithridge. I kinda like it here. It's all dirt and stain glass. The people are mean, but at leat they're not fakes. I even like the rusty trains and the toxic creek, but where moving as soon as one of my parents get a better job. They don't think its safe here. It'll just be the same old shit if we move to Maryland, though...
I tried to practice my boardside on the stair-rails to the lower lot behind the abandoned deli. No avail. I fell and got back up a couple times until the last time I fell I lay there a second and when turned my head and found myself face-to-face with the point of a broken bottle. It was really close, make me cringe when I think about what almost happened. I decided to go home then. So I walked past the ten-thousand churches and way up Gibson to our house.
I knew something weird was going on cause my brother's mutt, was in the back yard tormenting old Rexy. Marcus hadn't been home two daylight hours since we moved. He and his dog spend all day hanging out with his skeezy friends. I also heard some awful ballad blasting from my room, which meant Livy was home. When I walked in I saw mum smoking a cigarette and reading the paper intently. Dad, I could only assume was still in Maryland for his interview... But still, this was way too many people at home to mean anything good. I ran back to me and Livy's room and I asked her: "Is Grandpa dead?" and she just said "No." like she was all bummed out. She fliped off the stereo and flipped on the news. Another kid's missing. A girl in Marcus' grade. The last one was found in the creek near the Keller Bridge. "Well, yeah its awful... Why is everyone home?" So Liv tells me mom has gone on this insane... maternal streak... and in fact, I was already in trouble for being gone all day without letting her know where I was, like she really cared when dead girls weren't floating around... its almost like in dad's absence she has channeled the essence of dad and become a mature.. adult... asshole... And now she wants us all to stay in the house all day just like he did at the beginning on the summer, well that was when we lived in Keller with airconditioning... I don't think this'll last a good two hours, but I think I'm gonna watch the news... I don't really know any girls in Marcus' grade, but maybe I've seen her around.
Olivia blames all this on living in Dithridge. The other's weren't even near Dithridge, they were all from Keller and Kent. Most of them turned out to be runaways... It's all such bull.
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It doesn't stop. [Aug. 1st, 2004|10:51 pm]
Emma Donaco
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

My sister has been bawling ever since we moved to Dithridge. Just because we had to move to the dirt town... It's not like she had to switch schools or anything. It not like anything has changed. Yeah, given, if her snotty friends were given the some small flicker of inspiration to take interest something other then themselves, they might make time to ridicule her, but we all know that will never happen...
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First Entry. [Jul. 30th, 2004|06:42 pm]
Emma Donaco
[music |The News... like on TV... and not the band my Dad likes....]

I'm not really up on this stuff.
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